Jeff Bonser

Jeff Bonser is Chairman and Owner of Walsall Football Club, I was delighted and honored that he agreed to be a guest at my exhibition on January 31st 2007. In my opinion Jeff took his rightful place alongside previous guests Pete Waterman, Brian Bennett and Billy Ocean.

On this day the Press embraced the idea that Jeff would talk about Music and I would talk about Football, both subjects inspire deep opinion and passion and we have a great love of both.

Jeff Bonsers career took him away from music but it has remained a hobby throughout his life, playing guitar in a local skiffle group in his younger days, learning piano by his mothers request and speaking knowledgeably about local groups from his youth including stories of The Beatles and Rolling Stones playing locally. The Shadows and Hank Marvin remains his in his list of musical heroes.

Over the past sixteen years I have developed a friendship with Jeff, we became nodding acquaintances at Walsall games, due to constant familiarity we developed conversations about the teams performances and in later years a respect for each others achievements which has developed a bond.

I have stated many times on Radio, TV, and Press, No Jeff Bonser, No Walsall Football Club, he has invested and protected our local team, built an new stadium, inspired the largest Sunday Market in the area at that Stadium, developed the club into an entertainment centre, built a Hotel at the stadium, and Walsall Football Club is now a well known Conference Centre, his list of achievements are enormous.

Often I feel the supporters do not give Jeff enough credit for his achievements and find that disappointing, but I suppose thats the life of a Football Club Chairman, a hero when we are winning on the pitch and the opposite when we loose.

For me Jeff Bonser is an honorable man and a hero to the community of Walsall, he went to Walsall F C as a three year old supporter, has never supported any other team and dedicated a large portion of his life to the club. He is and always will be a Saddler.

I thank him for taking time to visit my Exhibition and protecting my Saturday home.