Rock Around The Clock, The Ed Sullivan Show

Bill Haley and The Comets, Rock Around The Clock is generally known as the first Rock n Roll record, it wasn’t, but it was the record that commercialised Rock n Roll music, becoming both a Number One record in the U.S.A. and the U.K, before sweeping across the world. The song was featured in the movie Blackboard Jungle and the combination of the movie and song signified the commencement of the 1950’s Teenage Rebellion. Originally Rock Around The Clock was only considered good enough to be a ‘B’ side, the ‘A’ side being a song titled ‘Thirteen Women and Only One Man In town’, on the day of recording fifty five minutes of the allotted one hour studio time was given to ‘Thirteen Women’, on the insistence of the Comets the final five minutes was awarded to Rock Around The Clock, the band played the song twice and those two recordings were mixed into making the final record. No more studio time could be arranged that day as Sammy Davis Junior was waiting outside to commence his session.