Industry Awards

The awards that I am most proud of are featured in this section. In 1989, when I became Managing Director of Jive Records, we were a small independent label, with few artists but big dreams. The majority of the members of staff that worked at the Company would go on to have a fifteen year association with the label, unusual in today’s world. Over a ten year period we would go on to build a label that would dominated the World in sales terms, when music had a definite pop flavor.

The Label of the Year Awards that we achieved for 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 showed our unity, passion, commitment, dedication and ultimately our domination of the World record charts.

On a personal note, my Managing Director of the Year award for 1999, is also featured here, I believe this was awarded to me on behalf of a wonderful group of people who gave everything they had over many years. During 1999, Jive Records was the biggest selling singles company in the UK.